Scaling solutions to meet customer needs

ICONICS has provided analytics and mobile software solutions for manufacturing, industrial and energy customers for the past 30 years and is still at the forefront of the industry

By Guest on 01 September 2016
Scaling solutions to meet customer needs

This article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of The Record.

ICONICS, a worldwide provider of HMI/SCADA, analytics and mobile software solutions for manufacturing, energy, industrial and building automation applications, celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2016. Over the past three decades, the company has expanded its technological capabilities in synch with its customers’ needs. We began as a company in the pre disk operating system days and have evolved, alongside the multiple Microsoft desktop and operating systems, to today, where our modern solutions integrate with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and services.

In ICONICS’ earliest days, customer application needs were met with just-emerging PC-based controls. A typical solution may have involved one piece of equipment in a single room, on a single floor of a single building in a single location. As enterprise networking rapidly took hold and operating systems became more feature-rich, customer applications expanded in size and scope. Simultaneously, ICONICS’ software extended its capabilities to provide rich data visualisation, analysis, historical data collection and mobility.

Thanks to ICONICS’ ability to remain in step with technological trends and its relationship with Microsoft, it can help customers scale technology to meet their needs, whether this involves a single device in one room, or a floor in a building, the whole building, a campus of multiple buildings, or an entire city. A solution provider in Microsoft’s CityNext initiative and a Microsoft Energy Smart Buildings partner, ICONICS uses Azure integration to help customers visualise, analyse and mobilise their data without additional IT infrastructure, maintenance or upgrades.

At Hannover Messe 2016 this April, ICONICS introduced its IoT Gateway Suite. The new software provides visualisation, analytics and mobile solutions based on Azure Service Fabric and microservices. The software suite includes onboard energy management, as well as building and industrial protocols, such as Building Automation and Control Networks, OPC Unified Architecture, Modbus, Simple Network Management Protocol and Web services. It also enables remote configuration and provisioning for rapid deployment.

This year, ICONICS provided the interactive dashboard for the Georgetown University Energy Prize, which challenges towns, cities, and counties to rethink their energy use. ICONICS’ dashboards allow organisations to visualise real-time energy performance on Azure, helping cities to drive energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Data points included in the dashboards are residential and municipal energy use, population and weather normalisation, electric and natural gas energy, carbon emissions, financial cost, and an overall energy score. The winning city will be awarded US$5 million in 2017.

As ICONICS marks 30 years, we remain confident in our ability to grow alongside our customers’ needs, to city level and beyond.




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