Schneider Electric releases new human machine interface software product

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 25 June 2014
Schneider Electric releases new human machine interface software product

Schneider Electric has released a new human machine interface (HMI) software product as part of its Wonderware InTouch portfolio.

InTouch Machine Edition is designed to run with modest hardware requirements and be operable on embedded versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The new release is tailored to meet the needs of end users, original equipment manufacturers and machine and system builders, providing them with scalability and tight integration with the Invensys Wonderware Historian and Wonderware System Platform software. Schneider Electric acquired Invensys earlier this year.

Users can also access vital information to help improve plant operations and lower total cost of ownership thanks to the software’s ability to connect to industrial data sources. 

“Schneider Electric has always invested in new technology and product development, and Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition software continues that approach,” said Ravi Gopinath, executive vice president, software, Global Solutions Business, Schneider Electric. “The Wonderware brand has long been associated with easy-to-use software solutions that can be integrated with any controller and run on any computer. The new Machine Edition HMI software maintains that tradition and represents ongoing investment and commitment to one of our core offerings. At Schneider Electric we look forward to developing and delivering innovative software solutions that bring greater value to our customers more quickly.”

The InTouch Machine Edition simplifies the integration of information and automation systems for users, and can directly replace a traditional panel-computer HMI while providing the functionality ordinarily found in larger, PC-based HMI systems. The software offers more than 240 native communication drivers, which can connect to a vast range of control hardware. It also features rich visualisation, scripting, security, alarming, trending and recipe management functionality, helping plant operators make better business decisions using real-time data.

“Many machines are delivered from the machine builder with a minimally functional HMI or an HMI that is tightly tied to a single PLC brand,” said Craig Resnick, vice president, consulting, ARC Advisory Group. “The problem with this approach is that, due to cost restrictions, these embedded HMIs do not always have the features operators need to leverage and maximise the full potential of the machine as an integral part of the whole production system. Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition software reverses this trend, first because users do not have to standardise on a single hardware offering. And secondly, by enabling users to quickly create intuitive and highly maintainable HMI applications, it makes machine information more accessible to operators and managers.”

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