Schouw Informatisering uses ClickLearn to speed up documentation

Elly Yates-Roberts
Elly Yates-Roberts
By Elly Yates-Roberts on 13 August 2019
Schouw Informatisering uses ClickLearn to speed up documentation

E-learning solution provider ClickLearn is helping Netherlands-based Schouw Informatisering to speed up its documentation processes to meet the fast-paced needs of the country’s thriving food manufacturing industry. 

Schouw’s Foodware 365 product works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 for finance and operations to track attributes such as quality assurance data or expiration dates.

“With the announcement and availability of Business Central and new extensions and taking advantage of the whole Power Platform we’re redesigning our internet protocol to extensions,” said Benny Dor, program manager at Schouw. 

Food has a short lifespan with serious health and safety consequences if it isn’t tracked properly. As a result, ClickLearn is helping Schouw update its product at faster speeds to continuously meet customer needs. 

“ClickLearn is an easy to use product,” said Dor. “We use it for all our apps. We create a book in ClickLearn and record all of our setup and ways to work with our Foodware 365 solution. Monthly updates require very rapid changes, but we can re-record and play all the instructions to be on the latest version. This is why we chose it – it helps our value-added resellers understand the product thoroughly and enables them to help their customers. For us, the repeatability is the most beneficial.”

ClickLearn also offers strong support for web browsers, which is increasingly important for Schouw as it moves beyond NAV. The team is working on expanding its training capabilities beyond Business Central to support Microsoft Outlook and Power Platform.

This year, Schouw will retool over 25 applications using ClickLearn to create instructions. 

“The way the market is moving, we need to move quickly with monthly updates,” said Dor. “ClickLearn helps that with the click of a button for the latest version. If you had to do it all manually you would not be able to keep up with the pace.” 

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