StoneHouse Logic helps Rosefox Paper migrate e-mail to the cloud

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 01 September 2014
StoneHouse Logic helps Rosefox Paper migrate e-mail to the cloud

StoneHouse Logic has helped Rosefox Paper update its software and improve operations by helping to migrate e-mail services to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

Rosefox Paper is an independent, UK-based paper merchant. The company was previously using a system that was hosted on an eight-year old server which used Microsoft Exchange 2003. By using outdated software on dated technology, the company was encountering increasing warranty costs.

StoneHouse Logic suggested Rosefox migrate its e-mail services to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 to resolve the issues with the original server.

“When we first migrated onto Office 365 we experienced a few teething issues getting used to the operating system, but that was a Microsoft issue and something that StoneHouse gladly assisted us with, supporting us through every little step along the way so we have not experienced any impact to our daily operations,” explained David Harrison, Rosefox Paper’s accounts manager. “It took a while for people to get to grips with the new interface but we are now running as smooth as ever, taking full advantage of the business class benefits at hand.”

This migration also resolved the warranty issues Rosefox was having, as the internal server was replaced with the latest Microsoft technologies and was inclusive of extended warranty with external support through StoneHouse Logic.

“We are well aware that there are always provisional issues with technology and the introduction of any new system, having worked with computers long enough to know that there are always going to be some hidden, unexpected obstacles,” said a Rosefox Paper spokesperson. “But StoneHouse handled these efficiently and professionally in a timely manner and the project reached completion within the anticipated timescale. As with every other project we have undergone with StoneHouse, this one ran smoothly from the very beginning and was perfect throughout.”Share this story

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