The importance of user-friendliness and transparency

These are key attributes of the CDM Tender Optimizer solution, says Kim Erbo Christensen

By Guest on 10 August 2018
The importance of user-friendliness and transparency

Tender processes can be very time consuming and a drain on resources, often requiring numerous people to handle quite complex processes.

That’s why we’ve created a tender management solution – CDM Tender Optimizer – which makes the tender exercises manageable. It creates a very interesting business case with very significant savings.

The solution uses .Netcore, web technologies and single page applications to digitise and optimise tender processes. The solution is offered both on the Azure platform or as an on-premise solution using Microsoft SQL Server.

CDM Tender Optimizer is built around the phases you go through in a tender process with regard to preparation of tenders, communication with authorities like EU tender portals, collection of tenders and documentation. Everything is automated and digitised.

It has been very important for CDM to develop a solution that is as intuitive as possible and to optimise the user interface for the individual employee. An essential success criteria for CDM has always been to deliver user-friendly solutions. It is part of the company’s DNA and one of the reasons that our solutions have been installed with customers globally for 20 years. The CDM Tender Optimizer has very stable and high performance, the running costs are low, it can easily be integrated with other systems, such as procurement and enterprise resource planning, and it is easy to use.

Digitising every process – from the preparation of tenders to submission and evaluation – the solution ensures 100% transparency, meeting regulatory requirements. Digitising processes also helps employees to be more efficient. For one of our customers, this has led to annual savings of 28%. 12 employees are handling 350 tenders a year worth €1.2 billion.

Kim Erbo Christensen is CEO of CDM



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