The power of partnerships in financial services

Finastra CEO Simon Paris outlines how the financial technology company's relationship with Microsoft is driving innovation in payments, mortgage and other financial services software

By Guest on 21 August 2018
The power of partnerships in financial services

“We are not just changing businesses, we are changing lives because partners make more possible.” These are the astute words of Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner organisation. I draw on them here because this particular sentiment about how Microsoft plans to work with partners was one of the most inspiring and insightful stories (and there were many) I heard at the Microsoft Ready 2018 conference in Las Vegas this July.

The power of partnership should never be underestimated. Nowhere is this more true than in the financial services industry, which is undergoing a transformational shift of a magnitude we are unlikely to see again in our lifetime.

Teaming up to share expertise, spark innovation and co-create in this new landscape fosters growth and expands reach. But, more than that, vibrant and significant partner ecosystems enable both organisations to thrive. Think about partner ecosystems like the marine ecosystem – a delicate habitat which flourishes when all elements are working together in perfect harmony.

Partnerships also enable businesses to make a difference with platforms and services that have a real impact on people and the way they live, work or play – what an amazing motivational driver to make these powerful connections happen.

Finastra is delighted to have been recognised as a TOP 40 Microsoft Azure global partner at Microsoft Ready, after just one year of working closely with Microsoft. Our platform approach, underpinned by Microsoft Azure, encourages open innovation and is changing the way financial software is developed, deployed and consumed. We’re also moving our payments and mortgage solutions to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

When you bring two market leaders Like Finastra and Microsoft together, the chemical reaction creates a market maker. That’s what Finastra hopes to achieve.

Simon Paris is CEO of Finastra and is pictured on stage at Microsoft Ready

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