The value of omnichannel solutions in the customer experience

Organisations today must be able to meet their customers in their preferred channels in order to compete in the market and continue to offer great customer experiences

Laura Lockley
By Laura Lockley on 26 October 2020
The value of omnichannel solutions in the customer experience

Customers care more about the speed, quality, and kind of service they get from brands than the price points and product features that have driven loyalty in the past. Today’s digitally empowered client wants to be able to connect with businesses in real time, using everything from SMS to social media and live chat. 

Omnichannel contact centres are the next-level solution for customer experience. While phone calls continue to be an important part of contact centres, they’re no longer the only way to serve your target audience. Research shows that there is a clear return on investment for companies that speak to their customers through omnichannel engagement solutions, but there are additional benefits.  

Omnichannel solutions are profitable. They improve the customer experience by giving them access to the connectivity options they prefer, such as self-service chatbots or SMS messages. The more you show that you’re willing to adapt to customer preferences, the more you’ll earn their loyalty and respect. 

Omnichannel solutions improve agent productivity. As technology continues to evolve, and agents are expected to deliver exceptional experiences everywhere, one way to achieve this is by simplifying communication for them. An omnichannel solution gives agents access to a solution that keeps all their contact strategies in one, easy-to-use location. 

Omnichannel solutions improve customer retention. With contact centre agents using just one solution, they have more time to deliver an effective customer experience. Many products even offer contextual analysis that allow users to access customer information during a conversation. This can then be used to help businesses deliver more personalised services and improve customer loyalty. 

Omnichannel solutions improve strategic planning. A contact centre can be a great source of information. The more data you gather through client interactions, the more you can understand how to deliver a more competitive service. Omnichannel solutions can make it easier to collect and analyse customer information for long-term strategic growth. Instead of guessing which channels your customers prefer, you can dedicate resources to the parts of your business that get the most traffic. 

In today’s world of growing digital transformation, the average consumer expects more from brands. The communications landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and with the delivery of new technologies like artificial intelligence, we’re on track for an even more diverse future. The companies that thrive in this new landscape will be the ones that deliver the experiences their customers crave.  

Laura Lockley is the senior director of customer success and services at Upland Software

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