Thirty-One Gifts deploys TXT Integrated Retail Planning solution

Sean Dudley
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley on 03 June 2014
Thirty-One Gifts deploys TXT Integrated Retail Planning solution

US company Thirty-One Gifts has successfully gone live on the TXT Integrated Retail Planning solution.

One of the largest direct-selling companies in the US, Thirty-One Gifts employs more than 1,300 staff and has nearly 119,000 independents sales consultants in the US and the Canadian province of Ontario.

TXT’s Maple Lake software will help the company manage the entire spectrum of in-season planning processes, including open-to-buy and inventory management.

“Because of our business model, which relies strongly on sales consultants’ activity and is very much driven by end-of-month sales, managing inventory and stock keeping units is absolutely critical to us, particularly as we transition seasons,” said Mike Mausteller, director of planning and merchandise control at Thirty-One Gifts. “We needed to better align our inventory strategies with demand to avoid backorders and additional air freight charges. The TXT Integrated Retail Planning solution is helping us achieve ideal inventory management and optimised product availability.”

Thirty-One Gifts’ products are sold by independent sales consultants at home parties. Thanks to the new software, which fully leverages Microsoft technology and uses an Excel-based user interface, users are able to carry out more in-depth planning and view a weekly horizon of information. The solution also provides embedded performance management and dashboards, helping ensure greater transparency and enabling more accurate fact-based decisions.

“The full planning team is using TXT and they really like the system,” said Mausteller. “The solution has helped standardise the process, with everyone working and thinking in a coordinated fashion. We chose TXT for their ability to support retail planning from end-to-end, as well as for the flexibility of the solution which is able to adapt to our growing business. Adoption among users has proven extremely smooth.”

Peter Charness, chief marketing officer at TXT,added: “Thirty-One Gifts has a unique business model with a consultant-driven direct sales channel. We are pleased that our platform-based TXT Integrated Retail Planning product, as implemented by our consulting team, provided such a good fit to their specific business methodology. As we continue to invest and grow our North American base of operations we look forward to applying our retail planning capabilities to supporting the unique needs of companies like Thirty-One Gifts.”

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