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CodeTwo and Denk IT: Adding value to Office 365

CodeTwo and Denk IT: Adding value to Office 365

By becoming a CodeTwo partner, Denk IT has expanded its product portfolio with Office 365 tools

Richard Humphreys |

This article was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of The Record. 

Denk IT is a German company that provides a wide range of tailor-made IT services. As a Microsoft cloud solution provider, it also offers Office 365 to its customers. With the ever-increasing popularity of cloud technologies, Denk IT wanted to expand its product range by including tools dedicated to helping organisations using Office 365 to be more competitive in the cloud services market.

“Companies interested in Microsoft cloud computing solutions want to make sure they can get the most out of them,” says Axel Denk, Denk IT’s managing director. “In response to their needs, we began looking for proven and secure applications designed specifically for Office 365.”

While searching for such applications, Denk IT came across CodeTwo, which provides a range of solutions including CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 – which allows users to create and centrally manage e-mail signatures and disclaimers for all Exchange Online users – as well as other solutions dedicated to Office 365 including a secure and reliable offline backup application and a fast and solid migration tool.

“CodeTwo software has been perfect for us,” says Denk. “Its solutions integrate seamlessly with Office 365 and further enhance its features. On top of that, these programs are also compliant with German data protection law, which is also very important to us. It was only natural that we became CodeTwo’s official reseller.”

As it turned out, the demand for CodeTwo software was great. “We’re already certified by CodeTwo as a Platinum Reseller,” explains Denk. “I’m also very satisfied with the CodeTwo Partner Program. We appreciate all the assistance we receive from CodeTwo, and we can always count on its top-notch 24-hour customer support team. Over the years we’ve developed a very close relationship with CodeTwo, so much so that we consider them to be friends.”

CodeTwo’s business development director Szymon Szczęśniak says that joining the Partner Program is a win-win deal. “We sell more products, and our partners have instant access to great products used by more than 64,000 companies around the world that meet the highest security and reliability standards imposed by Microsoft. We also offer our resellers very attractive margins and free in-house licenses.

“We believe that our solutions are a great addition to Office 365 – just like ketchup is to hot dogs. If you sell hot dogs, you should also offer them with ketchup, right?” Szymon concludes.

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