Will 2016 be the year of IoT?

Of all the current technology trends, the internet of things (IoT) is perhaps the biggest one. It’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption, as well as the most opportunity going in to 2016. But to unlock the potential of IoT, there are several things that need to be in place. Bobby Koritala from Infogix tells us more

By Guest on 21 December 2015
Will 2016 be the year of IoT?

First, organisations need to manage how best to filter and analyse the huge amounts of data coming from IoT, and then deliver exactly the right information to the right person, at the right time. This requires pervasive analytics.

Infrastructure simplification and standardisation is also necessary. Integrating embedded devices into the internet is quite challenging because they strongly differ from traditional internet devices. The existing infrastructure was originally designed to connect computers, phones, printers, servers and mobile devices. However, today we are experiencing a tremendous growth not only in the number of devices, but also the types of devices. Limitations such as low battery life, short communication distances for networks, lack of standards, etc. have been holding back the implementation of IoT for business. The infrastructure needs to be redesigned to reduce cost and complexity. It needs to be more elastic, agile, secure and easy to adopt.

Finally, the importance of security and privacy shouldn’t be underestimated. The ubiquity and physical distribution of IoT devices provide attackers with greater opportunity to gain physical or logical proximity to targets. Hackers might hack into these systems and manipulate them accordingly. Also, information flow due to IoT is widely distributed. Users are constantly asked to share their information. All of this connectivity carries with it a risk to privacy and information leakage. Clearly, the successful deployment of such applications will depend on our ability to secure them and the contextual data that they share.

As we continue researching the most effective ways of implementing IoT, we must keep the above points in mind. We are not far from a time when IoT will take over the world and bring great new advancements while introducing a whole new way of thinking about, and interacting with, our world.

Bobby Koritala is chief product officer at Infogix


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