Wrike is enabling powerful collaboration

The Record spoke with Wrike’s Andrew Filev, CEO at Wrike, to find out more about his mission to get everyone involved in a project on the same page, moving faster, and with greater effectiveness

Lindsay James
Lindsay James
By Lindsay James on 01 October 2019
Wrike is enabling powerful collaboration

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Tell us about Wrike’s mission
Reaching and serving customers with new products and in new, more personalised ways, is both the greatest opportunity and greatest challenge for fast-moving companies. Wrike is a powerful, collaborative work management platform for managing projects and measuring progress across internal teams, partners and customers.

Why is Wrike investing in a partnership with Microsoft?
Wrike’s core mission closely aligns with that of Microsoft: “to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more”. Wrike has not reached the same scale as Microsoft, but it shares the same ambition. Our focus is building a great platform to enhance how work is planned, managed and measured against objectives and outcomes. To produce great results, our customers must run their businesses with clarity and coordination. Integrating Wrike with Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful combination of the right tools for the job and the right process to manage the work.

How are you collaborating with Microsoft at the moment?
One of the biggest disruptions facing information workers today is context switching. Workers bounce between apps all day long, while trying to retain the context of the work. Wrike with Microsoft Teams’ integration reduces context switching. There are simply fewer questions such as “what is this chat message about?”, “who owns that?” or “when is that project due?”. Wrike makes the who, what, and when very clear – right inside of Teams. Improving the quality of conversations in Teams improves the usability of Teams and leads to higher adoption of Teams.

What does Wrike bring to the table in the partnership?
Wrike is used by more than two million people and is highly popular with marketing and creative teams who are accustomed to highly collaborative campaigns and working against deadlines. To support creative teams, Wrike has a deep integration with Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as an extension, so that creative teams can stay within the tool they work in most. Partnering with Wrike is a great way for IT and Microsoft partners to connect marketing and creative teams to other Office 365 initiatives.

What are you most looking forward to for the months to come?
This year for the first time, we are investing in Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner co-sell programme as a Microsoft Teams co-sell partner. Wrike is a global company and the go-to-market potential with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft partners across the world is very exciting.

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