Xenomorph launches TimeScape MarketPlace on Microsoft Azure

Rebecca Gibson
Rebecca Gibson
By Rebecca Gibson on 13 May 2014
Xenomorph launches TimeScape MarketPlace on Microsoft Azure

Xenomorph has launched a new cloud-based data solution for publishing and consuming financial markets data and analytics on Microsoft Azure.

Building on an earlier cloud-based data management solution released on Microsoft Azure, TimeScape MarketPlace enables multi-user and multi-organisation access to published data sets and analytics in the cloud.

“From a data consumer point of view, the integration of market, reference and derived data has long been a problem for many organisations,” said Brian Sentance, CEO of Xenomorph. “From the data vendor perspective, historically it has also been a challenging process to deliver high quality data to wherever users would like to consume it. TimeScape MarketPlace addresses both of these issues – consumers can access data anywhere through one set of cloud-based interfaces, while those organisations with data to sell get the value-add data cleansing, validation and delivery tools they need.”

TimeScape MarketPlace can also be integrated with Microsoft Power BI for Office 365, allowing users to securely combine positional data from a variety of on-premise databases with data and analytics from multiple vendors in the cloud.

Using Power BI for Office 365 and Microsoft Excel, data vendors can also extend their delivery reach to business staff and to developers using environments such as .NET to consume web services. In addition, software vendors can offer new cloud-based services to market and reference data.

“Cloud-based architectures can take cost and complexity out of managing data and analytics, a key challenge for Xenomorph’s clients in a changing regulatory environment,” said Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of Business Development and Strategy at Microsoft. “We are pleased to see a growing number of solution providers in financial services who are building the future of their businesses on Microsoft Azure and our data platform, including Power BI for Office 365.”

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