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Case study, Manufacturing, Cloud, Big data, Azure | 08 November 2021

Unleashing the power of predictive analytics with Microsoft Azure

Multinational oil and gas company PETRONAS saved $17.4 million in just 12 months after deploying AVEVA Predictive Analytics in the Microsoft Azure cloud to accurately predict and resolve equipment failures before they happen

AVEVA Predictive Analytics helps PETRONAS save $17.4 million by predicting future equipment failures
Feature, Transportation, Travel , Automotive | 27 October 2021

Travelling together with the help of Microsoft technology

The traditionally separate industries of automotive, travel and transportation are beginning to converge around the capabilities of data-driven mobility solutions. Sanjay Ravi and Julie Shainock explain how Microsoft is reflecting this transformation

Microsoft's Sanjay Ravi and Julie Shainock explain how automotive, travel and transportation converging

A migration towards modernisation for Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance

Asysco helped Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance migrate to Windows, combatting the challenge of mainframe skills loss and enabling them to provide services suited to modern customers

Asysco helped the financial planning firm migrate to Windows and provide services to the modern customer


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