Peace of mind with zero trust: a discussion with Mario Galatovic

Peace of mind with zero trust: a discussion with Mario Galatovic

Secude’s CEO explains why protecting sensitive data against leaks and growing cyberattacks should be a priority for enterprise businesses

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With hybrid working the norm (adopted by 39 per cent of workers, according to Gartner), enterprise businesses risk costly data leaks and reputational damage, not to mention non-compliance with regulators, if they have not implemented automatic file security for their entire workforce. 

Secude has two enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) solutions that extend Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) to SAP data exports and computer-aided design (CAD) applications. With HaloCORE and HaloCAD, Secude embeds zero-trust protection and data governance into files from the point of creation. By integrating the protection at the application layer, Secude protects business-critical SAP and CAD data, even if it is shared externally, leaked or stolen. 

“Even the smallest security gaps expose companies to huge security risks, be it from accidental leaks or targeted attacks,” says Mario Galatovic, CEO of Secude. “Our embedded MPIP zero-trust protection means zero gaps, taking away all the stress and giving companies peace of mind when downloading data or sharing files with external partners.” 

HaloCORE automatically monitors and secures all data exported from SAP, preventing data leaks and simplifying compliance. HaloCAD is the only MPIP solution that plugs directly into CAD applications to automatically secure CAD files, protect IP data and safeguard an organisation’s intellectual property. It applies MPIP authorisation tags to SAP data exports and CAD files at the point of origin, ensuring sensitive data is encrypted outside of an organisation’s IT perimeter and only accessible by authorised users. Secude’s embedded MPIP protection goes beyond traditional threat detection by enforcing data access control from inception and protecting sensitive data even if it falls into the wrong hands. 

“Secude’s MPIP extension secures customers’ vital data when they collaborate with partners across the supply chain,” says Galatovic. “If using a competitor’s solution, this business-critical information is vulnerable when shared externally. As Secude’s automatic data protection is integrated at the application layer, it secures sensitive data from the moment it’s created, versus being saved in an insecure format and then encrypted. That short window of exposure is all attackers need to gain access.” 

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Secude also provides in-depth monitoring of SAP data access, storing the relevant data to prove compliance, and extending encryption to SAP and CAD files wherever they travel, simplifying data compliance for regulators or potential partners. Secude’s zero-trust protection safeguards governmental (e.g. defence contracts), business (e.g. financial information during closed accounting periods) and employee (e.g. HR) data. 

“Our partnership with the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) enables us to deliver comprehensive security solutions, helping organisations tackle modern cyber threats and adhere to security standards,” Galatovic explains. “What’s more, being a MISA member has provided us with direct access to Microsoft Engineering, which has enabled us to create deep hooks into the MPIP technology and to integrate MPIP seamlessly into our CAD and SAP solutions. We also have access to the Microsoft Partner Marketing Team and the Microsoft field, which has boosted our marketing reach, enabling us to work hand-in-hand with the Microsoft sales teams to bring joint MPIP and Secude solutions to customers. Put simply, our MISA collaboration enables us to help organisations protect sensitive data, prevent costly leaks, and ensure regulatory compliance.” 

Galatovic is extremely proud that Secude’s automatic file security has been designed not to impact the end-user experience when downloading or sharing files. “Secude enables seamless collaboration with external partners even if they don’t have the latest security,” he explains. “Our clients, which include Infosys, Swisscom, Süss Microtec and MARS, have made cybersecurity a priority in today’s constantly evolving data security landscape and have ended their reliance on incomplete perimeter security by implementing our zero-trust protection.” 

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