Businesses to be able to “talk” with their data thanks to Microsoft’s collaboration with iGenius

Businesses to be able to “talk” with their data thanks to Microsoft’s collaboration with iGenius


Generative AI platform Crystal will be powered by Azure and available on Microsoft Teams

Alice Chambers |

Microsoft Italy is working with artificial intelligence company iGenius to provide AI-powered data analysis for organisations.

The partnership will combine iGenius’ generative AI platform Crystal with Microsoft Azure to enable users to query data in natural language across various fields, including financial or operational data analysis. It will also help them to predict trends in business performance indicators.

“We are convinced that AI is able to create equal opportunities for humans, which is why the collaboration with Microsoft not only unites us in the positive approach towards this technology but also pushes us to commit ourselves even more to enabling people and companies to interact with their data in a simple and secure way,” said Uljan Sharka, CEO of iGenius.

Crystal will be accessible from within Microsoft Teams.

“Microsoft has always been committed to helping people and organisations achieve more with new technologies,” said Matteo Mille, chief marketing and operations officer at Microsoft Italy. “At this moment in history we are witnessing an epochal turning point where businesses, large and small, can have much easier access to AI and reap tremendous benefits from it. Thanks to the collaboration with iGenius, companies will be able to leverage next-generation AI and derive further value from data analysis, accelerating their growth.”

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