The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

129  F I NANC I A L S E R V I C E S Deepak Gupta Global head of payments as a service at Volante Technologies Antonio Monteiro Head of pre-sales and delivery at ITSCREDIT Karen Reichle Vice president of customer success engagement at Nintex “Banking and financial institutions leverage the Nintex Process Platform to improve the customer and employee experience by automating workflows, digitising forms and more. Many of our banking customers have utilised the ease and power of robotic process automation (RPA) to optimise a variety of payment and risk-related processes and to post batch payments to their core applications. As an example, Extraco Banks has automated the approval process for remote deposit captures with Nintex RPA, including the review of an individual’s risk score. The solution interacts with the bank’s mobile application portal and core banking application to review and update their settings.” ”ITSCREDIT’s Pay With Credit software allows online payments with instant credit, using services and widgets to allow online merchants to make use of different payment methods. We simplify the entire credit process, allowing documents to be uploaded online, accepted and confirmed with a simple click. The signing of the credit contract is also done digitally, such as with a text message with a code to authorise the operation, after which the money is disbursed. The credit functionalities are open to partners through application programming interfaces that they can integrate within their own systems that support their business model. This solution provides modules to enable institutions and partners simple ways to grant instant credit to customers.” “We help optimise payments processing for banks by providing them with end-to-end processing as a service in the cloud, as a superior alternative to either on-premise legacy systems or older service models. One important challenge we address is resiliency. These days, with payments moving to real-time 24/7 operation, banks’ mission-critical payment services must be continuously available, without delays or missed payments. Cost-efficiency is another key factor. With payment volumes increasing, and margins thinning, banks need to run much more efficient processing operations. Finally, banks need to release new products faster and accelerate customer onboarding. Our service-based offerings let our customers do all of this and more, in a future-proofed way, accelerating time to value. This isn’t just theory – we’ve proven this with the world’s largest banks, for whom we already process millions of transactions and trillions of dollars in value daily. We’re delighted to be able to offer these benefits now to banks of any size, across all payment types.”