The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

14 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om MAR K E TWATCH Microsoft launches new features in Edge Updates aim to help users work from home more effectively and simplify web browsing M icrosoft has launched a number of new features in Microsoft Edge that are aimed at helping users work from home more effectively and stay organised, protect online data and simplify web browsing. The Collections feature, for example, “allows you to easily collect information from different websites, organise it, export it into various files or just come back to your research at a later time,” said Microsoft in a Windows blog post. This latest version of Edge also includes new features for enterprise users, with the ability to easily sync browser favourites and settings between Active Directory profiles. The enhanced browser has added highlight and screen reader support within its PDF reader, which can help those working from home, as well as ‘Give with Bing’ which facilitates charitable donations. New privacy controls with InPrivate mode automatically delete a user’s history, cookies and site data after a browsing session. The new features come as Microsoft announced that it will be ending support for its original web browser, Internet Explorer, from August 2021. To ensure a seamless browser experience for its customers, Microsoft is encouraging users to leverage the Internet Explorer mode within Edge to standardise on one browser. Microsoft has also been enhancing Microsoft Teams to improve the user experience, security and data protection, and help customers be productive while working from anywhere. “We are announcing features and experiences designed to streamline workflow and automate process right within Teams, ensure great meeting experiences in a hybrid work environment, enable firstline workers, DID YOU KNOW? Microsoft Teams can now host up to 1,000 participants in interactive meetings, and up to 20,000 in ‘view only’ mode.