The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

146 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E Mike Rogers Director of private sector sales and marketing at Formpipe “As a global automation software developer, ICONICS has a long track record of expertise in remote monitoring and management, an aspect of our solutions that has become more prevalent due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. We work closely with our manufacturing customers to better understand what they want to accomplish within their plants and how. That feedback is then reflected in ICONICS solutions such as IoTWorX, an internet of things (IoT) software solution for any edge device that works with Microsoft Azure to provide global visibility, scalability and redundancy. ICONICS’ new CFSWorX was designed to streamline the efficiency of field service organisations through intelligent scheduling and reliable notifications. It also contains an integrated Remote Expert assistance feature that provides remote collaboration and support, with quick set-up, to assist workers, technicians and customers in doing their jobs without compromising health, safety or productivity.” “AVEVA’s unique portfolio of capabilities across the asset lifecycle and spanning the operational value chain enables manufacturers to target and achieve sustainability goals through engineering for sustainability, reducing energy consumption and emissions in production, and optimising the use of resources across the value chain. The richness of domain content in our portfolio – enhanced by the cloud and the power of industrial artificial intelligence – provides the industry-specific content and capabilities that can help companies drive sustainability best practices at scale, across the enterprise.” “Formpipe has been working with the manufacturing sector for decades and it’s an area we know well. In a post Covid-19 world, maximising efficiency and productivity will be more important than ever. To achieve this, manufacturers will become more reliant on mobile technology to speed up processes. The manufacturing sector relies heavily on barcodes and labels throughout the supply chain, which is why Lasernet has evolved to enable users of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Warehousing app to create, design and edit reports in the app on the go, without the need for programming. Thanks to our vast experience, we pinpointed sector-specific limitations within Dynamics 365 and use the power of Lasernet to overcome them. Lasernet’s easy-to-use query wizard enables users to collect data from Dynamics 365 on the go, add fields, notes, print quantity, and print labels and barcodes to any printer, anywhere in the world.” Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS Ravi Gopinath Chief cloud officer and chief product officer at AVEVA