The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

37 the rise of digital commerce, to manufacturing and industry 4.0. The need to harness transac- tional and observational data to derive intelligent insights and actions is applicable to all industries. The current pandemic has also impacted many industries in very significant ways, accelerating the need for transformation. Through our customer engagement, finance and operations applications in Dynamics 365, we have perhaps one of the most complete set of modern, intelligent software- as-a-service business applications which caters to the needs of multiple industries. Consequently, we’re seeing strong adoption across industries for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Organisations have been proactively trans- forming every aspect of manufacturing and supply chain operations to reduce disruptions. They have had great success driving automation and reducing downtime using IoT and mixed reality, and now have the agility to re-plan produc- tion in real time to dynamically changing demands. With all interactions being online and digital in this pandemic, we are also seeing customers adopt our Fraud Protection offerings to manage financial risk and reduce payment and account fraud. This is another example of a data-first app, where we have been working closely with American Express and Capital One to improve fraud detection accuracy. “Enabling organisations to transform with easy-to-set up, high value scenarios is a core promise of Dynamics 365”