The Record - Issue 18: Autumn 2020

65 “Having the best productivity and collaboration tools means nothing if employees don’t use them. Microsoft recognises that user adoption is a common challenge for organisations with the introduction of the Change Management Framework for Partners. At ClickLearn, we enable the successful user adoption of Dynamics 365 solutions by supporting each of the phases of a Change Management strategy. Using ClickLearn, you can record your processes and, with a single click, produce a complete e-learning portal in more than 45 languages with step-by-step instructions, virtual on-screen assistance, e-learning, and interactive walkthrough videos. This ease of creating training content enables you to provide targeted skill transfer at the prelaunch, launch, and post-launch phases of your implementation or upgrade projects. You can also use the virtual on-screen assistant to guide users from within their live Dynamics 365 solutions so they can both learn and reinforce their skills.” Chris Parker Senior product manager at Sharp Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS “At Sharp, we’re harnessing the power of Microsoft technology in order to give our customers a more collaborative and productive meeting environment, whether they’re working from home or in the office. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp is designed to work seamlessly with familiar Microsoft tools, helping to drive workforce efficiency. What’s more, the use of Microsoft Teams coupled with Sharp’s high-quality camera with 4K sensor, far-field microphone and speakers, mean that collaborating with colleagues in-room or working remotely is a seamless and efficient experience. Sharp’s new subscription service, WorkSpaces, enables customers to get even more value from the Windows collaboration display. WorkSpaces quickly turns any meeting room into a smart meeting space through the state-of-the-art internet of things sensor hub, feeding environmental data, such as temperature, light, carbon dioxide levels and room occupancy back to the Azure platform, and allowing office managers to create and then manage the perfect working environment.” “Throughout this global pandemic, many organisations have sought vendors that they can trust with the livelihood of their business, helping them to meet new challenges while also reducing costs and improving operations across the enterprise. Microsoft has certainly earned their reputation as a trusted IT solutions provider. ICONICS, a global automation software provider, has a working relationship with Microsoft that spans three decades. To help both companies’ shared customers, ICONICS has developed solutions that integrate with Microsoft technology to meet today’s unique operational demands while limiting potentially harmful contact. These include its new CFSWorX connected field worker software with Remote Expert features, which works with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, as well as its IoTWorX IoT software for any device, which can integrate with Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services to take advantage of cloud-based data visualisation, historisation, mobilisation, and analysis.” Michael Randrup Managing director at ClickLearn