The Record - Issue 19: Winter 2020

24 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om Martello Technologies offers Gizmo – its Microsoft 365 monitoring solution – to identify outages and optimise employee productivity. During the global pandemic, services such as Microsoft 365 have been vital for employees to continue working efficiently. “As usage of the solution increases, so does the possibility of an outage,” says Rob Doucette, vice president of product management at Martello Technologies. “Our Microsoft 365 monitoring solution Gizmo continually tests the user experience and informs IT when an outage is happening and what’s causing it.” Martello provides rapid response to outages Cloud Services has launched a series of practical online workshops on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and cloud solution roundtable to help IT and business executives better understand their companies’ cloud readiness plans and adoption roadmaps. The sessions will also give attendees the opportunity to explore tools for infrastructure and cybersecurity landscape assessment, which can help to prepare migrate workloads to the cloud. “In these sessions we discuss the basics of cloud strategy and adoption, ogranisa- tional effectiveness challenges, such as how to prepare teams for new technologies, and more,” says Iryna Moiseyeva, CEO at Cloud Services. Find out more about the workshops at s. Cloud Services launches cloud-readiness workshops Henson Group is offering free cloud assessments to the first 25 companies who respond. The one-week-long, $8,000 service is available for a limited time to qualified businesses, and will deliver economic, financial and business transformation benefits. Visit to book a meeting with a cloud specialist. Henson Group offers free cloud assessments Basware invests in new partner strategy Finnish financial software company Basware has introduced a new partner onboarding programme to support collaboration. The company has built, designed and released the solution, which includes certification and service desk support. Basware has also put together a new dedicated business development and alliances team to focus on partner relationships. “At Basware, we believe in strategic partnering for better problem solving,” said Bram Kuijper, vice president of partner enablement at Basware. “It is our goal to not only provide best-in-class solutions, but to enable customers to have the best experience and adoption possible.” MAR K E TWATCH