The Record - Issue 19: Winter 2020

45 “Ensuring business continuity and improving the ability to make well-informed decisions has never been more relevant than it is today. When faced with the global pandemic and the additional challenge of employees having to work remotely, demands of IT organisations have increased exponentially. Many businesses have needed to tackle both the pandemic-related challenges at the same time as improving the competitiveness of the products and services they provide. Recent advances in technology and possibilities for improving efficiency and connecting workers have proven invaluable but bring on the additional task of solving multiple challenges at once. As technology evolves rapidly, it is important to not only have people with the right skills and understand the competitive advantage as seen from a customer point of view, but also to embrace the possibilities for employees and staff to work efficiently from a variety of locations.” “Before you can derive better and faster decisions, it’s essential to have more accurate data. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in communication with your customers across channels such as voice, video, SMS, chat, social and messaging. At Solgari, we’re helping organisations to bring all this channel data inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, giving them a 360-degree view of their customers. By combining our powerful communications data side-by- side with customer data inside D365, it enriches organisations in many ways. They can leverage conversational intelligence to help get more understanding from their conversations, or implement intelligent, automated comms journeys using Microsoft Power Automate. It all starts with that combined and accurate data. It’s really exciting to see the opportunities for our customers today in the Microsoft ecosystem, with lots more to come in 2021.” Anders Løkke Senior director of strategic alliances at Pexip Edward Grant Chief operating officer at Solgari