The Record - Issue 19: Winter 2020

67 AUTOMOT I V E Autonomous driving has long been one of the most important goals of the automotive industry. We asked Microsoft partners how they are helping to develop the solutions that will accelerate its development Partner perspectives Danny Shapiro Senior director of automotive for NVIDIA “What we see in the automotive industry is a paradigm shift with today’s hardware-defined cars rapidly transforming into software-defined transportation platforms. There is a huge number of technology building blocks which need to work together to make this development challenge manageable. DXC Luxoft’s unique ability to combine automotive engineering innovation and execution with its global delivery network and cloud operations allows us to accelerate the deployment of autonomous and connected solutions and services throughout the vehicle lifecycle. We’re proud to work closely with Microsoft to run our Robotic Drive platform on Azure and enable our clients to easily scale their data and compute usage up and down. Our Robotic Drive data-driven development platform drastically de-risks and accelerates the development, testing, and validation of ADAS/AD capabilities to support Level 2+ – Level 5 autonomous functions. It’s the largest known exabyte-scale development solution, leveraging industry proven on-premises and cloud infrastructure, methodologies, tools and accelerators for a highly automated autonomous driving development process. “ NVIDIA partners with hundreds of vehicle makers, suppliers, sensor manufacturers, mapping companies, and startups around the world to develop the best solutions for the new world of mobility. We provide the systems architecture, AI supercomputing hardware in the vehicle and in the datacentre, and full software stack required to build all types of vehicles – from AI-assisted cars and trucks to fully autonomous shuttles and robotaxis. It starts with NVIDIA DRIVE, our open and scalable platform that enables all levels of autonomous driving, from advanced driver-assistance system features through robotaxis. The computational requirements of fully autonomous driving are enormous – easily up to 100 times higher than advanced vehicles in production today. With NVIDIA DRIVE, our partners achieve an increase in safety, running sophisticated hardware and software with many levels of diverse and redundant algorithms in real-time. To streamline development, we’ve created a single software-defined scalable architecture that advances each level of autonomy with additional hardware and software while preserving the core architecture.” Luz Mauch Executive vice president of automotive, DXC Luxoft