The Record - Issue 20: Spring 2021

102 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E What is Your Factory Trying to Tell You? ICONICS delivers Azure-based software solutions for operational excellence and Industry 4.0 initiatives. Listen to your factory like never before, with these solutions to increase efficiency and productivity: Remote Monitoring Provides instant visibility into your operation from any device Predictive Maintenance Maximizes equipment uptime and reduces energy costs Connected Field Service Empowers technicians with real-time equipment status Mixed Reality Optimizes production and maintenance with hands-free operation Connected Factory Delivers a unified, contextualized view of your global operations Learn more at ! ! ! Accept Snooze Pass ! ! Melissa Topp Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS “ICONICS is known in the manufacturing industry for its data visualisation, analysis, rapid archiving/retrieval, mobilisation and cloud connectivity products. These same ICONICS tools integrate with a variety of Microsoft products and services, from Azure services and Windows Server operating systems to Office 365, Dynamics 365 for Field Service, SQL Server, HoloLens and many more. ICONICS has also gained a reputation for its ability to quickly and intuitively provide the necessary key performance indicators, gathered from a wide range of data points, to decision-makers within an organisation. In addition, ICONICS has developed a Connected Field Service tool, integrated with its MobileHMI product, that provides a Remote Expert feature to take knowledge sharing even further. This combined solution helps those within an organisation with institutional knowledge to easily share their expertise from anywhere with on- site field service technicians.”