The Record - Issue 20: Spring 2021

103 V I EWPO I NT MANU FAC TUR I NG & R E SOUR C E S A product worthy of its name ME L I S S A TOP P : I CON I C S Available as part of the new ICONICS Suite 10.97, the Hyper Alarm Server offers manufacturing companies better alarm performance, more control and increased integration I f you pay attention to any form of advertising online, on television, on radio or in print, you will notice that companies like to add superla- tives to describe how their product performs in relation to the competition. They will use words such as “super”, “extra” or “mega” to indicate that there are added features that make the product stand out in the marketplace. ICONICS, a group company of Mitsubishi Electric, used this concept when it named its data historian product, Hyper Historian. When it was introduced, the product had enough standout qualities to necessitate the “Hyper” moniker, including its swinging door data compression algorithm for high-speed data collection, unique archiving features, powerful calculation config- uration, data integrity via merging, and many more. Today, with the recent introduction of version 10.97 of the ICONICS Suite, another ICONICS software solution has emerged that is equally worthy of its name: Hyper Alarm Server. Hyper Alarm Server offers International Society of Automation-compliant and redundant alarm- ing support to edge devices using new technology, allowing for better performance, more control and native integration with ICONICS product communications. It also enables configuration via ICONICS’ asset management system, AssetWorX. ICONICS Suite version 10.97 still includes the existing AlarmWorX64 Server solution, but users are encouraged to experience the added benefits of Hyper Alarm Server. One such feature enables access to historical data for each tag, making it even easier to configure rate-of-change or sim- ilar alarm types. Another allows for unlimited related values, empowering users to analyse alarm information from a creative array of new angles. ICONICS believes Hyper Alarm Server repre- sents the future of advanced supervisory control and data acquisition systems for its unparalleled performance and extensive functionality. ICONICS Suite version 10.97 also provides multiple additional new features including CFSWorX integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and support for load balancing. Hyper Historian’s Data Exporter now supports Azure Data Lake Generation 2 and other scal- able cloud storage services. Version 10.97 also includes a new Sankey Diagram control within GraphWorX64, MobileHMI and KPIWorX. While not every ICONICS product gets the “Hyper” label, they are all created with the same high customer standards in mind. To enable organisations in the manufacturing industry to benefit from these new functionali- ties, ICONICS is offering free trials of the latest version of ICONICS Suite, including the new Hyper Alarm Server at Melissa Topp is senior director of global marketing at ICONICS “Hyper Alarm Server represents the future of advanced supervisory control and data acquisition systems”