The Record - Issue 20: Spring 2021

118 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “PowerSyncPro (PSP) is a powerful, efficient Global Address List (GAL) sync tool that empowers large numbers of employees to connect, collaborate and engage, with less data risk. We developed it to synchronise users, groups and contacts between directories without the need for complex scripts – an issue that came up time and again in the complex migration projects we work on. We recently installed PSP in a project to unite 26,000 users within three local authorities in the UK. Thanks to their new GAL, users can now work together across the three organisations without worrying about confidential information leaks. A combined instant messaging service and shared meeting availability enables staff to communicate and collaborate with their peers quicker and more effectively than before. And, with PSP being run on a single virtual server, the set-up requires very little ongoing management and administration – saving all three organisations valuable time and money.” “Patients are demanding the same conveniences from healthcare organisations that they enjoy frommajor consumer brands. A recent survey conducted by Forrester revealed that consumers are ready for digital changes such as telemedicine options (44 per cent), digital forms and communication (41 per cent), and touchless check-in (37 per cent). What’s more, 68 per cent value a customised patient experience. In fact, a poor digital health experience caused more than a quarter of patients to change medical providers in 2020 – up 40 per cent from 2019. By marrying the capabilities of our healthcare experience and our proven omnichannel customer engagement technology used by Fortune 100 companies worldwide, we can help address the urgent needs of providers and patients alike to transform access to, and delivery of, care in the modern age of digital medicine.” “ICONICS counts multiple municipalities and public agencies around the world as loyal customers. A few years ago, the company was named a Microsoft CityNext Partner of the Year for its energy management, facility-based fault detection/ diagnostics, building automation, and visualisation solutions. These software tools integrate with multiple Microsoft technologies including Azure IoT, Windows Server, SQL Server, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and many others. Many public sector customers use ICONICS’ detailed, intuitive key performance indicator dashboards both internally, to assist in process monitoring and management, as well as externally, to provide data on government initiatives directly to their citizens. Such reports can provide both real-time and historical data, with trends shown in informative, easy-to-read charts and graphs. ICONICS and Microsoft close the public sector circle in providing digital tools to get work done and the dashboards for informed citizens to confirm it.” Melissa Topp Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS Twan van Beers Director and Infrastructure Architect at Nero Blanco Peter Durlach Chief Strategy Officer at Nuance Communications F E ATUR E