The Record - Issue 20: Spring 2021

47 “Sustainability is vital to all industries today and technology is emerging as a key enabler for a sustainable future. At AVEVA, we have embraced this commercial, philosophical and ethical opportunity to help drive a sustainable future for our customers. We are accelerating our efforts into strategy around sustainability that will deliver human, economic and environmental value. The UN predicts that an additional $3 trillion is needed in the next decade to make its sustainable development goals a reality – that is roughly 3 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Since the private sector represents 75 per cent of the global GDP, we have a critical role to play in ensuring we achieve this. AVEVA’s approach in realising this goal is materiality-based and stakeholder-inclusive. AVEVA and Microsoft are working together to help customers meet their sustainability objectives by using out joint technologies to secure a sustainable future and create energy efficient platforms and practices.” “We value our partnership with Microsoft, as both companies are dedicated to helping customers make meaningful progress on their sustainability journeys. ICONICS software strengthens our customers’ sustainability efforts, helping them reduce energy usage, cut costs and curtail carbon emissions. Our IoT and cloud-ready solutions make the invisible visible, letting customers see things they might not have before, including energy flows, carbon expenditures, even the probability of equipment failure. ICONICS designs its solutions to leverage multiple Microsoft technologies including Windows 10, Windows Server, SQL Server and of course, Microsoft Azure. We use Azure IoT to power the analytics, machine learning and online dashboards that drive optimisation programs, and we pull telemetry from equipment and facilities using Microsoft Azure Digital Twins, uncovering insights that help reduce operating costs and improve tenant satisfaction.” Lisa Johnston Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at AVEVA Melissa Topp Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS “PayiQ is innovating how people travel and access their tickets on a given mode of transport. We support collaborative transport use and sustainability and provide passengers with an easy-to-use mobile application for accessing public transport and micro-mobility services, as well as a carbon dioxide emissions calculator. The foundation of this is PayiQ’s white label application and its back end, which features secure payment and fraud management capabilities. The app automatically detects the mode of transport the traveller is using, and the back end’s algorithms analyses the information to calculate its carbon dioxide effects. Passengers are then able to see real-time information of their carbon footprint. The app can show target results on a daily and monthly basis and provide travellers with a dashboard of which to be proud.” Pirkka Lankinen CEO at PayiQ