The Record - Issue 21: Summer 2021

I NT E R V I EW 124 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om BY R E B E CCA G I B SON K im Custeau, senior vice president of asset performance management and manu- facturing execution systems at AVEVA, explains why performance intelligence will be critical in a post-pandemic industrial world that demands organisations develop a high level of agility, sustainability and resilience. Why is performance intelligence a critical focus today? The global big data and analytics market is grow- ing at lightening pace and projected to be worth $274 billion by 2022. Staying ahead of the curve requires a new understanding of the scope and scale of industrial information to leverage that data effectively. Insight into industrial informa- tion from edge to enterprise reduces downtime, production costs and energy consumption, allowing organisations to optimise resources and drive sustainability. By boosting performance intelligence, we can reimagine data and inspire better understanding of complex value chains, to improve performance and drive efficiency. How is AVEVA leading innovation in performance intelligence software? AVEVA joined forces with OSIsoft in March 2021 to enable it to meet the expanding informa- tion management needs of industrial companies and accelerate their digital transformation. The combined portfolio brings OSIsoft’s data man- agement together with AVEVA’s industrial soft- ware to unlock performance intelligence. Providing greater operational agility and resilience, performance intelligence connects information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more accurate decision-making, helping industries boost sustainability. Performance intelligence gives the people behind essential processes the rich, reliable data they need to better measure and understand the entire industrial life cycle. Areas where performance intelligence is likely to have the most impact will include organisational pro- ductivity, operational agility and sustainability. In what way is Microsoft integral to AVEVA’s performance intelligence solutions? By combining Microsoft’s deep technology stack for the cloud and AVEVA’s industry-specific expertise, we help businesses to capitalise on the power of technology to become more resilient, sustainable, agile and competitive. Microsoft and AVEVA’s Kim Custeau outlines why advanced performance intelligence solutions will be a critical business differentiator for organisations in the industrial sector Connecting data, AI and human insight “Microsoft and AVEVA’s combined strengths are fuelling innovative breakthrough capabilities”