The Record - Issue 21: Summer 2021

141 V I EWPO I NT PUB L I C S E C TOR “PayiQ offers a complete account- based service that uses secure and award-winning ticketing capabilities on the Microsoft Azure platform” A modern city is full of services offered by public and private sector organisations. Citizens and tourists can visit museums, enjoy meals in restaurants, ride the metro or work out at the gym. The main interface for many of these services is through smartphone applications, by booking appointments and making dinner reservations. Apps also guide us when exploring a city and can even help us buy tickets to museums or public transport. When using a new city service, the consumer must download an app and add payment details and personal credentials. But each time we they do this, there is a risk of misuse and data leakage. There must be trust between consumers, the app provider and the service provider. Consumers must trust that they will pay the best price, that their personal information will be safe, and that the payment is secure. On the other hand, the service provider must trust that the consumer has paid the service and that the money will be visible in their bank account. PayiQ offers a complete account-based service that uses secure and award-winning ticketing capabilities on theMicrosoftAzure platform.The solution features a consumer app, a validation app and data analytics capabilities. Ultimately, this delivers easy and fast digitalisation with secured ticketing and seamless mobility inte- gration for a service provider, as well as a better consumer experience. Account-based service guarantees that the con- sumer is always paying the best price. For exam- ple, it decides when a weekly pass is cheaper than multiple single tickets in public transport. The ticketing platform takes care of safe and secure payments with intelligent fraud man- agement capabilities. In simple terms, PayiQ’s solution increases trust for service providers and consumers. Thanks to the Microsoft Azure platform, we can demonstrate our solution in just days and complete its launch in a few months. Mika Rytkönen is the chief product officer at PayiQ Mobile applications have become an essential touchpoint for many of the products and services we use in today’s cities. Microsoft Azure can support these apps to improve the experiences of customers and service providers M I KA R Y T KÖNEN : PAY I Q Seamless and trusted city services