The Record - Issue 21: Summer 2021

24 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om MAR K E TWATCH The National Health Service (NHS) England has adopted JoinXR as a key platform for healthcare education and training nationwide. JoinXR is a HoloLens software-as-as-service collaboration platform from Fracture Reality. Health Education England (HEE), the training arm of the NHS, is rolling out JoinXR as part of its drive to bring the benefits of immersive technologies to healthcare. JoinXR will enable trainees and instructors to collaborate in safe and accessible virtual environments. For example, photo-realistic avatars can replace actors who traditionally perform simulations. This provides the NHS with significant savings in terms of cost and logistical complexity, and allows for enhanced realism in clinical simulation. NHS uses JoinXR for healthcare education collaboration Barracuda launches Cloud Application Protection 2.0 Barracuda Networks has launched new capabilities for its Cloud Application Protection (CAP) platform to provide enhanced protection and help customers secure their applications. The new features include client-side protection, to protect against website skimming and supply chain attacks; containerised web application firewall (WAF) deployment; an Auto-Configuration Engine which uses machine learning models to check an organisation’s traffic patterns and provide recommendations to tighten security settings; and active threat intelligence, a cloud-based machine learning service which provides threat intelligence to detect and stop new threats as they occur. “At Barracuda, we strive to continually make security easier for our customers, and CAP 2.0 provides enterprise-level application security with consumer-level ease of use,” said Tim Jefferson, data, networks and application security engineering lead at Barracuda.