The Record - Issue 21: Summer 2021

47 “During the pandemic, agility became manufacturers’ top strategic priority above raising productivity and minimising cost. It also became clear that any digital transformation journey starts with machine health. Ten years ago, Gal Shaul and I founded Augury with the idea that we could diagnose malfunctions in industrial machines based on how they sound. Augury’s machine health solution uses IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict and prevent machine failures, and improve machine performance. The data our sensors generate, and the insights that our AI derives from that data, transforms how maintenance and reliability teams work in manufacturing. Having reliable machines enables manufacturers to build agile production operations. Machine health is just one example of the power of IoT in industry. Our customers also use vision-based quality systems, intelligent process control and digital twins, all of which rely on sensor data. The next industrial revolution is just beginning, and it will run on IoT.” “We are supporting corporate and public sector companies to scale IoT projects by providing them with know-how about efficient development, deployment, management and decommission as well as partnership when it comes to the logistic, installation and management of IoT solutions. Bechtle also provides knowledge of how to use the generated data and correlate it with others. Furthermore, we provide know-how about security issues, as well as hardware like sensors, gateways and edge devices for reasonable prices. Bechtle is able to develop and provide digital products and it can connect data from new applications to existing IoT platforms. The company is also experienced in the IoT architecture build on Microsoft technology stack.“ “ICONICS developed our IoTWorX software solution for any edge device by combining cutting-edge IoT technology with HMI/SCADA, analytics and mobile solutions running in the cloud. By offering those solutions in an affordable, subscription-based model, we have made it easy for corporate and public sector customers to take advantage of ICONICS’ extensive connectivity to assets that have wide industry protocol support. Customers also benefit from IoTWorX’s secure cloud communications and built-in real-time visualisation. Performing analytics at the edge minimises latency and leveraging fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) technology helps to significantly reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. ICONICS has enjoyed a multi-decade working relationship with Microsoft, so its IoT solution is especially suited to Microsoft’s Azure cloud services and applications for maximum efficiency, security, and scalability.” Melissa Topp Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS Saar Yoskovitz CEO and Co-Founder of Augury Stefan Schweiger Head of IoT/AI Solutions at Bechtle Switzerland