The Record - Issue 21: Summer 2021

54 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om I NT E R V I EW H aving worked in the fields of machin- ery and logistics for many years, Stefan Schweiger of IT systems house Bechtle first became familiar with the internet of things in 2017, on a project that transformed a ‘product company’ to a ‘digital service supplier’ following the installation of IoT sensors in each product. “I saw the transparency that IoT can supply and the huge potential of this technology for business,” says Schweiger. “Since then, IoT technology has evolved even more, and it will change a lot of industries. IoT will become a commodity and a ‘must have’ in every segment and if you think about artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain, you need to think about IoT as well.” Why are some companies struggling with IoT rollout? IoT is a real challenge and a highly complex topic where companies need to master different areas. There’s electromechanics, transmitting and connectivity technologies, cloud and stor- age expertise and analytics. Everybody wants to have more insight, but they need to guarantee the consistent flow of the data. Companies rely on physical products, such as sensors, and they need to know how to manage them once they are installed. Security is a critical issue to solve and, due to the scale, most companies are left alone. It is an organisational challenge. The need of IoT is often generated and seen by business, but IT Stefan Schweiger, head of IoT/AI solutions at Bechtle Switzerland, shares how the company can support customers in their IoT journeys IoT: a ‘must have’ in every segment BY R I CHARD HUMPHR E Y S “As one of the few players in the market, we can combine IoT know-how with the power of an IT systems house ”