Technology Record - Issue 22: Autumn 2021

51 “The exciting part about Microsoft’s Industry Clouds is they allow partners like ICONICS to provide solutions securely way through the trusted Microsoft Azure platform, while empowering our customers to leverage the lessons learned from others who have already solved some of the same challenges they may be facing in other areas of their business. Specific to the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, our complete edge- to-cloud solution enables us to unify disparate data sources across the end-to- end value chain, address industry-specific use cases for both discrete and process manufacturing, and deliver solutions that improve production quality, efficiency and value. This idea of co-innovation is one of the main reasons we’ve aligned ourselves so closely with Microsoft and its partner ecosystem over the years, and by connecting devices and equipment to people and processes within the context of Microsoft’s Industry Clouds, we’re helping to accelerate the digitisation of manufacturing.” “Covid-19 turbocharged the adoption of digital technologies in manufacturing, but 74 per cent of deployments remain stuck in pilot purgatory, according to a survey of global manufacturers by McKinsey. In this environment, our Machine Health solution is an industry 4.0 essential, since it delivers full return on investment within months for manufacturers like Essity, Frito-Lay and Colgate, which also accelerates the implementation of other digital use cases. It is powered by Azure IoT, constantly captures mechanical data from Augury’s sensors and uses artificial intelligence (AI) models to detect machine malfunctions, prevent machine failures and improve machine performance. By combining mechanical with operational data from Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, more advanced digital use cases, such as predictive quality and energy reduction, are now within reach. Azure not only provides a central data repository, but the ability to scale Augury’s AI models rapidly across our customers, helping break down the traditional walls between industrial assets and operations.” Chris Dobbrow Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Augury Melissa Topp Senior Director of Global Marketing at ICONICS