Technology Record - Issue 22: Autumn 2021

74 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om I NT E R V I EW H eadquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, ClickLearn provide a market-leading plat- form for producing multi-format learning materials, including user instructions, e-learning and process videos for business software. Rather than relying purely on an in-application guide called a digital adoption solution (DAS) for application training, ClickLearn is choosing to provide a mixed learning experience. Joachim Schiermacher explains why. What is a digital adoption solution and how does it differ from a traditional training solution? A DAS is an in-application guide for your end-users. It allows you to place guided instruc- tions of a specific process inside a web appli- cation at a specific position or under specific conditions. When activated, a speech bubble leads you through the process, and once com- pleted, you will also have completed the task. One way to explain what a DAS is is by compar- ing it to a global positioning system (GPS). It will guide you and show you directions from inside the application. Almost all DASs let you extend elements of the screens with call-outs and have an in-application messaging system, so you can push notifications to your end-users. How do you position ClickLearn in the digital adoption solution space? ClickLearn delivers all the features of a tradi- tional DAS, and we recommend implementing a digital assistant to enforce training. But we do not recommend a DAS as a GPS to substitute your training. In addition to the digital assistant, ClickLearn provides several e-learning formats, like video, hands-on-labs, and testing tools, alongside complete written documentation of your processes. All these formats are produced from a single recording session that any DAS requires. This is exactly what you need to create effective training and what your users need in terms of collateral to successfully learn processes inside or across your applications. We make all of this available from inside the learning man- agement system, the application you are training on, or even in a completely targeted learning portal available for all your employees to see, try, and test themselves on. We deliver a DAS that serves both learning and performance support, which we call intelligent user adoption. But you could also call it a DAS and training in one. It sounds as if you are not a supporter of Digital Adoption Solutions? That’s not entirely true. However, DASs have some fundamental weaknesses. For example, how do you deal with Windows applications? Most DASs only support web applications or have limited support for Windows-based appli- cations, whereas most enterprises rely on both. We provide a recording technology that covers both. I also don’t believe there is a single DAS that supports on-premises installations, where you run and store your vital processes on your own servers. And then there’s also the question Joachim Schiermacher of ClickLearn explains why digital solutions are only one part of the answer for application training Intelligent user adoption “We deliver a traditional DAS and training in one solution”