Technology Record - Issue 22: Autumn 2021

92 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om W ith the world well underway into the new normal, the future of hybrid work continues to take shape. As some people opt to return to the office and oth- ers choose to continue working from home, the trend of virtual collaboration bringing teams together is likely to continue. According to recent research from IPSOS and EPOS, we now spend an average of over seven hours a week in virtual meetings – up two hours per week in the past year. With more and more businesses needing to ensure seamless communication for employees both in and out of the office, ensur- ing that the quality of those meetings isn’t com- promised is of the utmost importance. High-quality audio is arguably the most crit- ical factor to enabling this seamless collabo- ration, however finding success in the hybrid working model is about more than just head- sets. Rather, it’s about having an entire ecosys- tem of devices, including both audio and video solutions, to enable today’s professionals to thrive in the world of hybrid work – no matter where they are working from. To do this, organisations will need to invest in technology that people on both sides of the conversation, can have confidence in. Research has shown that 88 per cent of decision makers say that bad audio has caused their company issues in the last 12 months, but 77 per cent of those decision makers also think that the right technology can alleviate those problems. This underscores the urgent need for businesses to equip their employees with the right technol- ogy so that they can focus their full attention on the content of the conversation at hand and engage fully with their fellow colleagues. When considering this ecosystem of virtual collaboration tools, headsets or headphones are likely one of the first to come to mind, but it is important to understand the difference between the two. Headphones have an integrated micro- phone that is not attached or visible, and they are mostly used for listening to audio files such as music. Headsets on the other hand have an attached microphone that lets the user talk and are primarily used in video conferencing or video calls. So, when it comes to the workplace and the world of hybrid work specifically, head- sets are ideal. Products like the EPOS ADAPT 200 series are designed for a workforce whose audio devices need to reflect and enhance their shifting work environments and as such provide the versatil- ity, flexibility and high-quality audio needed for online, on-the-go communication. Their Meeting the needs of modern business With hybrid working becoming commonplace, high-quality audio and visual technologies can ensure the experience is the best of both the remote and office working worlds THE I S MØR K : E POS V I EWPO I NT “Replicating a natural experience in the virtual world is more important than ever – a feat which can only be achieved by investing in the right technology”