Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

104 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “At Finastra, we are creating an open development platform for innovation and collaboration, to unlock the potential of people, businesses and communities across the world. In today’s rapidly evolving and demanding global economy, the move to digital is no longer an option; it is imperative. Banks and financial institutions are under extreme pressure to meet ever increasing customer demands, with enhanced and personalised customer experience. Alongside our partner community we are dedicated to enabling our customers with cloud-based solutions to deliver impactful digital transformation that supports greater efficiency and productivity, empowering them to focus on what matters the most – their core business activities in the market.” “Many VeriPark solutions are focusing on employee empowerment. Recently, we have integrated our VeriLoan Retail Loan Origination System with Microsoft’s Collaboration Manager for Loans to empower internal teams with a high-level summary of loan applications – right from their Teams app. Microsoft’s Collaboration Manager, part of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, is a Microsoft Teams app that allows users to work on loan applications and collaborate with other teammembers within Teams as part of their daily activities. It complements loan origination solutions like VeriLoan by providing collaboration capabilities amongst internal teams that need to review, negotiate, and decide on loan applications. VeriLoan integrates with the Collaboration Manager to provide the end-toend process, from initiation and automated decisioning to facilitating chats, meetings, and exchange of information amongst team members in an efficient and streamlined manner.” Wim Geukens Managing Director at VeriPark Europe Levente Rozsahegyi Senior Director of Managed Services and Co-Innovate at Finastra F E ATUR E “Mortgage365 is an end-to-end digital lending platform, built from the ground up on a foundation lenders already trust. Mortgage365 leverages the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, to connect disparate mortgage data systems, automate core processes, and enable lenders to serve the customer of the future. The solution uniquely enables inclusive access to financial optimisation, removing barriers with a more accessible mortgage lending experience completely built on the Microsoft Cloud. As the first mortgage-focused partner to be part of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Mortgage365 provides a new foundation of lending focused on efficiency and collaboration. Mortgage365 and Microsoft’s new solution solve the challenges that stand in the way of universal access to mortgage financing.” Jason Seedig Founder of Mortgage365