Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

106 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “In alignment with its commitment to its sustainability initiatives and to delivering top-notch customer and employee experience, Italy’s leading banking group Intesa Sanpaolo Group teamed up with Microsoft and Microsoft Partner Network member ICONICS. The aim of the collaborative project was to improve the operations and management of the group’s buildings and facilities by moving from reactive management to predictive management to make data-driven decisions and actions. ICONICS’ solutions provide a unified platform for integrating Microsoft Azure IoT, Azure AI and on-site technology and use real-time data to provide increased operational visibility for continuous improvement in building management. Its software also provides recommendations for preventive actions, so equipment faults can be handled quicker. The Intesa Sanpaolo Group has realised substantial benefits such as reduced energy consumption, carbon footprint and costs, along with improved team collaboration and asset management resulting in an annual savings of €500,000 ($570,000).” Mary Anne Ballouz Marketing Communications Writer at ICONICS “Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is a specialised, sophisticated foundation for Solgari’s all-channel communication technology, enabling financial institutions including retail banking providers to deliver seamless, effective customer experiences across sales, marketing and customer service. Leveraging military-grade communication technology and encryption, as well as secure recording, transcribing and archiving of all-channel conversations, Solgari Converse also enables out-of-the-box compliance with global regulations. By bringing voice, video, text messaging, WhatsApp and social media into a single platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Solgari enables firms to achieve a holistic view of customer conversations; analyse unified communication data to gain insights and identify opportunities to deepen customer relationships; and demonstrate the value of that relationship via personalised, valuable communications that meet and exceed their needs.” Louis Dore Vice President of Sales Americas at Solgari Dave Vieregg Senior Vice President of Channel Sales at Versapay “Manual accounts receivable (AR) processes are inefficient, tedious and prevent AR teams at financial services firms from doing impactful work. Versapay’s collaborative AR platform automates core AR tasks – invoicing, reminders, payment processing, omnichannel matching and reconciliation – syncing all data back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase efficiency. Plus, we make it easy for AR departments to engage clients over the cloud, letting them share data in real-time, answer questions, and resolve issues. With all client communications in a single online experience, financial services AR teams can engage with clients in a more structured way, eliminating much of the day-to-day work that takes up valuable time. This enables them to provide more responsive customer service and frees up time for more strategic activities. Versapay supports the Dynamics 365 ecosystem with this critical business function at the front-office level, where the returns are greatest.” F E ATUR E