Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

109 to develop a widget that will enable customers to click a “can I speak with someone?” button on their mobile banking app when they are experiencing an issue and choose to initiate a conversation with a chatbot, call the contact centre or book an appointment with a relationship manager. This example demonstrates that rather than being implemented to simply move customers to low-cost channels, digital technology should be used to lead them through the most effective customer journey available. For example, if a customer discovers a transaction on their credit card statement that they do not recognise or believe is erroneous, they can initiate a dispute through their mobile app or online banking channel. However, if they contact an assisted channel two days later, they usually have to repeat their story. At VeriPark, we believe that customers should only need to share their story once. This necessitates banks to have an omnichannel strategy that merges digital and assisted channels under one umbrella with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Banks achieve parity when they implement an omnichannel approach to contact centre, mobile and web channels because they can offer customers the same exceptional service and functionality regardless of which contact point or channel they prefer to use. Any customer appointments, complaints or service requests that are filed via an omnichannel platform are routed to the bank’s CRM system, which consolidates client interactions across all channels in one location. CRM systems provide agents with precise information on a customer’s transaction history, preferences and complaints before they meet in person or on the phone, so the customer does not have to repeat their story. Having access to all the information in a single customer view means the bank agent spends considerably less time preparing for a face-to-face meeting with the customer, making it much easier to respond immediately to any service request and keep them satisfied. Banks now have the opportunity to reinvent themselves and revamp customer service. To achieve this, banks must shift from a ‘transaction-first’ models to a ‘customer-first’ approach. Moving to this customer-centric strategy has several benefits, including enhanced customer experience and satisfaction, as well as greater loyalty and retention. VeriPark has assisted several customers in focusing on the most important aspects of the customer experience, resulting in a higher level of service and tangible outcomes. We incessantly enrich our channel offerings with the data and insights from our live clients. When we spot customer challenges, we fix them in a way that incorporates customer concerns, such as security or service level commitments, into our digital channel products so we can offer our customers the best digital apps. Özkan Erener is CEO of VeriPark F I NANC I A L S E R V I C E S VeriPark aims to create a widget that will enable customers to click a button in their mobile banking app to video call a contact centre agent