Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

125 V I EWPO I NT MANU FAC TUR I NG & R E SOUR C E S The 15,000-strong global independent software vendor (ISV) community delivers a vast scope of value-add functionality. These solutions bring the best out of Dynamics 365 by complementing Microsoft’s solution suite and industry cloud with sector-specific focus and expertise. Partner-to-partner motions can deliver much more than the sum of their parts when planned and executed strategically. The alignment between Solgari and MECOMS embodies this, bringing the best out of Dynamics 365 and each organisation’s solutions, and ultimately serving customers across the energy and utilities sector successfully. This competitive industry is increasingly focused on customer experience. When up to 30 per cent of firms’ customer base are likely to churn based on a single bad experience, achieving a ‘right first time’ approach andmaximising first-contact resolutions is mission-critical. Research indicates that certain BigTech players are eyeing the energy and utilities sector with a view to potentially expanding portfolios. As ‘digital natives’, they could become strong competitors to the established providers that we know today. MECOMS’ connected application platform covers the end-to-end processes specific to energy and utilities companies, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. By delivering these processes within a single solution, MECOMS enables providers with a full view of the customer while also equipping agents to meet customer needs and take the necessary actions to deliver first-in-class customer service. The solution brings all of the various operational processes into a single solution, enabling one ‘single pane of view’ visibility into the customer relationship and laying the groundwork for future-facing innovation such as automated smart-meter reading. The partnership with Solgari enhances and extends this market-leading proposition with the capability to reach customers, prospects and contacts via the channels they prefer, at times that are most convenient to them. Solgari Converse, the all-channel communications solution for Dynamics 365 and Teams, delivers inbound and outbound contact centre capabilities across voice, SMS, video, chat and digital messaging, for sales, marketing and customer service. With an industry-specific automation layer combining the Power Platform and Solgari Automate, customers become self-serving ‘super-users’ until they need or desire to escalate to an agent-assisted conversation. The result: increased conversational throughput, higher transaction or resolution rates, operational efficiency and the very best customer experiences. The strong strategic partnership between Solgari and MECOMS is enabling energy and utilities providers to overcome and succeed against the digital transformation and customer experience challenges that are central to the industry today. Combined with the global Microsoft network and ecosystem, this is a winning combination that is delivering real value and demonstrating the power of ISV solutions, the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Mar Jorba is product manager at MECOMS and Joe Leberte is vice president of EMEA sales at Solgari A collaborative approach to business and customer service, while leveraging the best of Microsoft technology, could be transformational in fuelling success in the energy and utilities sector MAR J OR BA : ME COMS AND J OE L E B E R T E : SOLGAR I The power of partnership