Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

130 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om I NT E R V I EW How – and why – does business sustainability rely on strong partnerships? AVEVA recognises the power of partnership in achieving sustainable targets. We partner with customers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing advanced technologies to optimise production, improve environmental efficiency, decrease fuel costs and reduce waste. We also rely on trusted partners like Microsoft to help customers build resilient, zero-carbon operations that unlock inclusive and sustainable growth. While individual companies must each do their part, only collaborative action will achieve the critical mass necessary to realise net zero and go beyond to climate positivity. Working together is critical and will allow us to prevent global catastrophe. Can you share how AVEVA and Microsoft are jointly empowering customers to deliver on their digital transformation and net-zero commitments? Most sustainability challenges, like addressing the climate crisis and realising the Paris Agreement, are inherently complex. They demand collective action, new technology and scalable solutions to make progress. AVEVA’s solutions can be applied in partnership with strategic allies like Microsoft, to address such challenges for the industries we serve. By providing real-time energy data and supporting improved operational efficiency, we have the potential to help thousands of customers to cut their energy consumption and emissions. An example is Ballard Power Systems, a provider of clean energy fuel cell solutions headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Ballard wanted to build a repeatable, global model that would enable the optimisation of its fuel cells in the field globally. AVEVA Insight enabled Ballard to rapidly and securely implement a cloud-based approach on Microsoft Azure to monitor its operational fuel cell products. The real-time data and insights it gained, combined with the analytic capabilities, supported sound decision-making for Ballard and its customers. The company also enjoyed increased visibility of fuel cell performance and transparency of reporting on contractual obligations regarding fuel cell efficiency. AVEVA was named 2021 Microsoft Energy Partner of the Year. Why do you think you won this accolade? The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognise partners that have developed and delivered outstanding Microsoft-based solutions and AVEVA was awarded for providing exceptional solutions and services across the energy sector. We were also honoured to be named a finalist for Sustainability Changemaker Partner of the Year. These awards acknowledge our industry-specific expertise in enabling energy and manufacturing organisations to meet their sustainability goals through advanced digital technologies.