Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

MED I A & COMMUN I CAT I ONS 135 We asked a selection of Microsoft partners how they are helping to enable the next generation of communications networks and services Partner perspectives Aaron Boasman Patel Vice President of AI, customer experience and data at TM Forum Gijs Geurts CEO of Anywhere365 Natalie Bell Business Development Director at Akari Solutions “Anywhere365 is fully ready for the future to help organisations effortlessly automate customer dialogues with any artificial intelligence-enabled bot technology. We are integrated with best-in-class AI and internet of things (IoT) technologies, supporting a wide variety of external self- service interfaces. Although Anywhere365 fully leverages Microsoft technology, we can also seamlessly take conversational AI and IoT solutions from Google or other vendors. Besides having a bring-your-own-bot strategy, the zero-code Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio platform allows contact centre managers, supervisors or other designated users to design and publish dialogue flows all by themselves. Dialogue Studio lets them simply drag and drop nodes without codes to a canvas, and painlessly deploy with the click of a button.” “Akari Solutions work with globally dispersed organisations such as; BBC, DAZN and Channel 4 to better improve the quality of communications and interactions through the use of custom development applications on current power platform and M365 investments. Building out centre of excellence models and citizen developers allows these organisations to better connect, drive and deliver high quality performance all backed by data insights from the core of the business. This next generation shift in maximising the array and use of the Microsoft technology stack allows for a more agile hybrid working for organisations who have legacy estates in place all whilst enabling high quality delivery to those impacted most.” “Cloud, AI and machine learning will empower communication service providers (CSPs) to digitally transform and handle today’s complex and constantly evolving networks. Gartner anticipates the number of CSPs investing in AI will rise from just 30 per cent in 2020 to 70 per cent in 2025. As the world becomes increasingly digitised and the expectation for faster and better networks grows, CSPs are using emerging technologies to improve service and network management and optimisation and deliver $700 billion of new revenue opportunities. Humans can’t keep up with the volume and velocity of network changes in line with customer demands, so CSPs are relying on automation technologies that can reduce the levels of human involvement. These technologies also improve a network’s response to growing cybersecurity risks, reducing the impact on critical customer data. Cloud, AI and machine learning enable CSPs to become more agile, efficient, competitive and deliver an improved customer experience.”