Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

145 “Based on feedback, we understand that part of the short- and long-term purpose of UK healthcare services will be to focus on engaging with patients in the right way, improving the priorities of patient care, aligning with national strategies, and supporting the delivery of health and social care. This will happen while implementing new technology to develop and deliver digital services. Interestingly, all things mentioned will be dependent on the quality of data organisations own. With patient records being stored in many isolated clinical management systems, we often receive feedback that the health boards find this disjointed data management inefficient, causing health professionals to spend additional time and money validating names, address details and demographic information. Accurate and comprehensive contact data underpins sound decision-making at every level in our health services and contributes to the improvement of patient healthcare, organisational efficiency, reputation, governance and government budgets.” “Government agencies have been incorporating digital technologies to effectively meet the needs of their people, from businesses through to families and individuals. We are partnering with government agencies across various levels to incorporate technology solutions that support their vision and strategy, keep them engaged with citizens and provide tools for employee productivity and security, even during times of crisis. We have helped Brent Council in the UK to leverage IT modernisation and digitisation options to improve the well-being of its residents through leading yet cost-efficient housing services. Infosys pioneered an integrated Housing Management solution using Dynamics 365 on the Cloud, delivering a platform that enables Housing Repair, Tenancy Management, Property Management, Homelessness application and Property acquisition, by transforming operational processes and delivering an enhanced resident experience. We also deployed a highly impactful ‘Response Management App’ in a Super-Agile delivery mode for volunteers and residents to help Brent effectively tackle the service disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic.” Julie Duncan Senior Account Manager Healthcare for Experian Data Quality, UK&I Sankar Konduru Head of Consulting Solutions and Innovation for Microsoft Biz Apps and Power Platform Practice at Infosys PUB L I C S E C TOR