Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

152 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om of cloud, data, and AI-driven patient engagement,” says Faughtenberry. “However, they need to take small steps now to add new digital engagement capabilities, integrate disparate systems, segment data, flexibly build custom services, and proactively reach out to patients.” Implementing a platform like Avaya OneCloud enables healthcare organisations to confidently move to the cloud – whether public, private or hybrid – and introduce services that meet changing patient needs at their desired pace. “The flexible subscription model also provides cost certainty and peace of mind,” explains Faughtenberry. “In addition, Avaya OneCloud can be layered on a healthcare organisation’s existing unified communications platform, even if it is from another communications vendor. In addition, it is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant, ensuring that users meet regulatory demands.” Faughtenberry predicts that a growing number of healthcare organisations will develop composable experiences as they continue to adapt to meet patient expectations. “Healthcare providers have been exploring digital transformation and composable platforms for several years, but the pandemic accelerated their efforts by forcing them to quickly devise new services to continue treating patients quickly and safely,” she says. “People are also comfortable interacting with automated customer services and using video technologies now. Consequently, healthcare organisations will likely offer a mixture of automated, virtual and in-person services for patients depending on their specific needs.” To ensure it can help healthcare providers prepare for this hybrid future, Avaya will continue enhancing its Avaya OneCloud AI-powered experience platform. In October 2021, it launched Avaya Experience Builders, an extensive global ecosystem of technology partners, developers, customers and other experts that will help enterprises to build and deliver better communication and collaboration experiences via Avaya OneCloud. “We can connect customers with partners in our Avaya Experience Builders ecosystem to give them access to all the technical expertise, skills and resources they need to develop experiences for patients and employees,” says Faughtenberry. “They will be supported in the way that is most beneficial for them – whether they need help customising existing experiences or leveraging AI technology to self-compose their experiences. This will ensure we deliver the most effective and efficient solutions for both healthcare providers and their patients.” I NT E R V I EW Automated systems allow patients to pay healthcare bills or book appointments whenever, wherever and however is most convenient for them