Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

155 PUB L I C S E C TOR We have been working with Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC), which provides primary healthcare services to just over 500,000 citizens in Cumbria. In February 2021, Akari worked with CHoC to re-evaluate it’s manual process for booking school nurse appointments was cumbersome, taking up valuable time and money and stretching resources, which was made far worse during the pandemic. We introduced a multi-agency app which focused on allowing nurses in schools to request, review and approve appointments, and to enable effective distribution of nurses across schools in a single region. This allows parents, teachers and school nurses to submit appointment requests, which are quickly reviewed by a medical team, saving time and money. Working with multiple departments and external agencies is challenging for public sector organisations. They face daily frustrations with communication and secure sharing of sensitive data, like the process for reporting and tracking stray or lost dogs, which was cost- and resourceheavy for one of our customers. We used Teams and the Power Platform to create a solution that allowed users to open a case for a lost dog, stored in a central location, which can be shared through social media, as well as a Power BI report created within the shared space, allowing agencies to identify any trends in the data. This solution is now being trialled and will become a springboard to use the same technologies to allow police to track and protect vulnerable children. The aim is to quickly and securely identify if a child is vulnerable, access information and enact protection notices quickly to ensure the child’s safety and survival. Lindsay Climson is commercial director at Akari Solutions An Akari solution that has been used to report and track lost and stray dogs is now being trialled to track and protect vulnerable children