Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

V I EWPO I NT Transforming the patient experience S U E B R I DG E R : SOLGAR I Patient engagement solutions, like those from Solgari, are helping to modernise healthcare services and provide patients with the experiences they want and need Increasingly we expect better andmore accessible experiences. Healthcare might have previously been seen as an outlier to this trend, with the majority of health services delivered in person, but Covid-19 has accelerated the rate of change to improve patient experiences. This demands recognition of the interplay between patience experience and the operational model changes required: how technology can remove accessibility gaps and give patients better health outcomes, sooner. Advances in all-channel patient engagement are driving real benefits to patients and health service providers worldwide. The ability to manage the patient journey, by booking appointments via multiple channels, attending health consultations remotely, receiving follow-up communications and leveraging the right amount of automation are changing the healthcare industry. And Solgari is driving this transformation. For example, one dentistry customer has engaged Solgari to facilitate two-way specialist consult calls between contact centre agents and suitably trained colleagues, and three-way calls that include the patient. Whatever the channel, whenever the agent enters the conversation, the customer’s enquiry is treated seriously, professionally and completely. The agent gains the peace of mind that their decisions are being validated by the right colleagues, acting on the right insights and with the communication history being recorded. We are also working with pharmacies to reduce the workload associated with the seemingly simple task of delivering repeat prescriptions. We have designed automated re-ordering workflows that combine Solgari Converse, Solgari Automate, Power Automate and Dynamics 365 CRM. The customer requests a reorder via SMS, WhatsApp or an alternative message. The order is then created in Dynamics 365 Health Cloud and kicks off a Solgari Automate inventory management and fulfilment workflow, with the patient receiving SMS text channel updates, including confirmation of the delivery date to ensure it arrives at a convenient time. The opportunities beyond this are also significant, from mental health counselling providers being able to record sessions with compliant permissioned playback for note-taking, to physiotherapists executing automated all-channel marketing campaigns that combine Solgari Automate and customer surveys. Healthcare providers are building speed in their work towards becoming increasingly patient-centric organisations. Measurement of healthcare and safety reported outcome measures (PROM) is being complemented by a focus on determining the impact of healthcare frompatient reported experience measures (PREMs), such as through patient surveys. Clearer understanding of the patient experience can help unlock operational efficiencies, even when a patient experience spans across multiple service providers. At Solgari, we’re delighted to support the healthcare industry in providing patient-centric all-channel communications, which directly influence personalised and timely health outcomes. Sue Bridger is vice president of sales and alliances at Solgari 159