Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

169 Adobe has identified the importance of firstparty data, and of the unified customer profile and common data model that we are building on Microsoft Azure. We understand that to deliver on promises of loyalty – and even acquisition – it is critical to fully understand who the consumer is to deliver the best customer experience possible. In this way, we are bringing the ability to understand the customer, attach pieces of content to that understanding, and then orchestrate the journey the consumer is going on. We know that this journey is no longer linear and moves back and forth from online to offline. This influences how we think about content management and moving content to the cloud, and to this end we are working closely with Microsoft on our capabilities in the cloud for content. One organisation that is benefiting from this collaboration is Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), which is a shared customer of Adobe and Microsoft in the healthcare space. We have been working closely with the organisation to better understand the customer journey and drive customer lifetime value. This includes reimagining WBA’s approach to loyalty and how it can make high-quality, hyper-personal customer experiences available to every customer on every channel at a global scale. Another customer we are working with is Dick’s Sporting Goods. We are helping the company with underlying data, enabling it to drive mass personalisation by using Adobe’s Experience Cloud. As a result, the retailer successfully introduced kerbside pickup of sporting equipment during the pandemic and is building customer lifetime value by tapping into the customer data platform built on the Microsoft platform. At its heart, Adobe’s proposition for a unified customer profile is centred on the ability to deliver on our promise of better customer experiences, ready for checkout. What sets us apart in this regard is our proven ability to help organisations create different versions of content and make sure that it is delivered in real time to the consumer instore, online, or wherever the moment of truth may be. Michael Klein is head of industry strategy for retail, travel and consumer packaged goods at Adobe Systems R E TA I L & C PG