Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

Achieve true transformational impact by capturing and sustaining double-digit efficiency improvements at scale. Visit to learn more. Digital Performance Management is a self-measuring, self-monitoring solution that delivers real-time closed-loop problem solving. Leveraging time as a business oriented KPI rather than disjointed percentages, it provides visibility to current performance, insight to the bottlenecks and root causes that slow throughput, and outcome validation for transformational investments. DIGITAL PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Factory Insights as a Service enables asset health monitoring in real time to identify abnormal conditions—and what caused them. Real-time alerts help operators quickly address any issues before they become major failures that cost valuable time and money. Efficient predictive maintenance not only improves performance but also makes equipment more durable and productive. IMPROVED ASSET EFFICIENCY AND UTILIZATION Factory Insights as a Service maximizes labor productivity by improving how you train, instruct, guide, and assist your front-line workers. Boost labor efficiency and quality, while reducing downtime, waste, compliance, and safety risks. CONNECTED WORK CELL AND AUGMENTED WORK INSTRUCTION