Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

45 V I EWPO I NT Now that customers are becoming more discerning by the day, businesses need to understand how they behave across channels, touchpoints and systems in order to create effective marketing strategies and make informed decisions. Low code-no code (LCNC) platforms, such as Microsoft Dynamic 365 Customer Insights, enable enterprises to map, match, merge and enrich customer-based data from different sources, and leverage analytical modelling services to derive meaningful insights. Offering over 100 connectors, high extensibility and native integration with Power Apps, the platform provides all the customer insights that businesses need to industrialise at scale. Organisations must seek ways to consolidate and use customer data in order tomake informed decisions and facilitate hyper-personalisation. Businesses need to shift from slicing and dicing historical customer behaviour data to becoming ‘living businesses’ that provide real-time insights across channels. Enterprises across multiple industry sectors deal with data in various forms scattered across many data lakes. However, they cannot derive actionable insights from the data unless they analyse, conceptualise and transform (ACT) it. For instance, a customer may visit multiple outlets of the same retailer at different times. While the information from one outlet might not be adequate to determine a customer’s purchase behaviour, overall insights extracted and unified can help identify their purchasing patterns. This can help organisations to develop business strategies, assist sales representatives, and also help the customer to make the right choices. While the LCNC Dynamics Customer Insights Platform provides all the ingredients for hyper-personalisation through profile search and discovery, customer cards and actionable insights for informed decision-making, Infosys Cobalt – a set of services, solutions and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey – has upgraded it a notch with the Infosys ACT methodology. It analyses the business problem and data, conceptualises the classification and segments, and transforms data into meaningful insights. This structured approach empowers Infosys to accelerate seamless integration of customer insights across enterprise operations. Amit Kumar and Supratim Bhattacharyya are senior consultants at Infosys Personalised selling with D365 Insights Infosys Cobalt helps enterprises to build a framework to act on customer data across digital touchpoints and derive meaningful insights via low code-no code platforms AM I T KUMAR AND S UP RAT I M BHAT TACHAR Y YA : I NFOS Y S