Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

67 The remote-first movement has been driven by the proliferation of cloud tools; however, not all of the legacy, on-premises tools are available in a cloud-native environment. Because of this, organisations around the world are forced to trade off functionality and security for remote accessibility. This was fine as a stopgap measure during the pandemic, but in the long term, sacrificing control and feature parity for cloud-ready solutions isn’t sustainable. Businesses trying to innovate need an open landscape to build on and interconnect their digital infrastructure – from unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) like Microsoft Teams to contact centre-as-a-service (CCaaS), fraud and authentication software, and beyond. For large, complex enterprises with many different communications tools, the different components of their tech stack don't necessarily work natively with off-the-shelf cloud platforms, like Microsoft Teams or Genesys PureCloud together. But there’s a solution: stay flexible by building on an open platform. At Bandwidth, we have started thinking about the concept of a universal platform for enterprise communications, designed to support whatever our customers are building, wherever they’re going, and however they want to work and communicate. Our universal platform is open where they need it most, to give them that added optionality and control. The enterprise platform’s universal connectivity makes it easier to connect all communication applications – various UCaaS and CCaaS, collaboration and verification tools – directly through the carrier layer. Its automation simplifies orchestration via our ecosystem of Duets. Its API library offers global use cases that act as a starting point and enable users to scale. And however many changes a business might make, the numbers will always stay in the same place. The platform behind an organisation’s enterprise communications tech stack should be designed from the ground up to help you deliver effective, contextual communication with simple orchestration and integration of all communications tools. Businesses can innovate faster with less risk, creating a truly compelling customer and employee experience. Bandwidth has been the power behind Microsoft Teams’ calling plans for over a decade. Now, we’re working together to give our customers a single carrier across all contact centre and unified communications solutions – and anything in between. Matt Brown is vice president of international product management at Bandwidth Building remote-first flexibility Covid-19 has fundamentally changed how the world works. With staff scattered around the world, IT organisations are now required to build and deploy remote-first technologies MAT T B ROWN : BANDWI DTH V I EWPO I NT “Sacrificing control and feature parity for cloud-ready solutions isn’t sustainable”