Technology Record - Issue 23: Winter 21/22

7 WE LCOME : W I NT E R 2 1 / 2 2 The way ahead Welcome to the Winter 21/22 edition of Technology Record. As the new year begins, our thoughts turn to some of the key events of the past 12 months and how we might see them evolve. November 2021 saw the city of Glasgow, Scotland play host to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a much anticipated gathering of some 25,000 delegates from197 countries around the globe. As a result of the decisions made here, government agencies and industry organisations of every kind will be tasked with the job of rapidly developing strategies to address the issue of climate change. For many, technology will be their core driver for change, andMicrosoft is well placed to help secure tangible wins. In our cover story, Microsoft’s global channel chief Rodney Clark gives us a detailed view of the tools that Microsoft is already delivering to customers across all industries. He also shares his thoughts on some of the lessons learned by the corporation during a unique period in recent global history. You’ll find that story starting on page 36. Combatting climate change is a challenge that we all need to address; however, it is not our only collective cause for concern right now. Covid-19 continues to present a significant challenge, and so we take a closer look at the role that technology plays in providing healthcare professionals with tools to combat the pandemic and deliver lasting protection for the populations that they serve. Starting on page 138, Microsoft’s chief medical officer and worldwide healthcare lead Dr David Rhew talks with us about ways in which cloud-powered tools like Azure are assisting in the battle to overcome the spread of coronavirus. He also discusses how Microsoft’s collaboration with organisations such as the Vaccine Equity Consortium is democratising the roll-out of vaccination and associated healthcare services. Turning to enterprise, on page 160 we talk with Microsoft’s global vice president for retail and packaged goods Shelley Bransten about how Microsoft Cloud for Retail and other technologies are empowering retailers to take control of their data and transform the shopping experience for customers and employees. Similarly, in our latest manufacturing feature Microsoft’s chief technical officer Indranil Sircar tells us more about how technology products such as Azure Synapse are helping manufacturers to overhaul their traditional supply chains with the aim of developing increasingly sustainable operations for the future. You’ll find that story on page 110. A busy start to the year. I hope you enjoy the read. ANDY C L AY TON - SM I TH : E X E CUT I V E ED I TOR